Sunday, April 29, 2012

March & April

 This was the girls' science project for our homeschool science fair. We put carnations in colored water and observed what happened over a few days. They had fun and did a great job.

Silly girls, they are so excited for their new sister to come.

 Our friends Eva and Sophie and Sarah stopped by on their way to see their cousins. 

Fun day at the park with our homeschool group.

The girls made a caterpillar corral for all their caterpillars they found at the Botanical Gardens.
Eliza has learned to ride a bike without training wheels and is doing great. We got Lydia a big girl bike off craigslist. She loves being able to go so much faster and is a little crazy.

We had a fun Easter weekend. We went to a local church's Easter egg hunt Saturday. The girls had fun finding their baskets and eggs. Eliza's favorite thing in her basket was her CTR ring, or as she calls it, "my choose the right way ring."

We spent a fun day and night in Richmond while Justin defended his dissertation!! Way to go Dr. Lee!!! We are so proud of him! He has worked very hard. It was a quick trip but we got in some time with our friends.

January and February 2012

The girls did a little basketball class through our rec dept. and learned a lot.

                     A trip with friends to the Rocky Mount Children's Museum

 Eliza started taking violin lessons in January. She is learning a lot and doing a great job!

 Our friends the Layton's let us spend the night, here is Jayden and McKinley
 We met Justin's mom and sister Kara and kids at the Richmond Children's museum.

                          Eva and Beck, Richmond friends

   Happy Valentine's DAY--We had a fun party with our homeschool group

                                           The girls at their gymnastics class

 Justin's birthday when he turned 31 

Hawaii Jan. 21012

We really got spoiled this year and my parents took the girls and I along to a meeting my dad had in Hawaii. My mom's sister Leann was also able to go and since we don't see her often it was really fun to spend the time with her. The girls loved every minute of the sand, sun, whales and time with their grandparents.